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I've been getting a lot of commission questions recently so to take a break between monster hunts I'll be taking on some bust/head-shot commissions.
I enjoyed working in the style of the cell shaded resident evil series I did so these will be much the same.

A4 300dpi digital files(2480x3508)

1):iconevafreak22: Done
2):iconplopinou: Done
3):icongeistis: Done
4):iconbabybokchoyjr: Done
5):iconlati9s: Done

Sorry for the delay peoples. Monster Hunter proved way too distracting than I expected it to be. I'm back to drawing now so expect pictures soon.
Ive been enjoying smash for a few weeks now. The cause of a few missed bus stops.
I still haven't worked out a main as I'm still spending a lot of time with all the characters, though I am partial to the faster characters.
Enough people at work have it that we even got a weekly smash day going.

I'll enjoy it while I can as MH4G is going to destroy my game time when it arrives:)
MH4G intro vid:)
(That and personaQ)

I've finally opened up a REDBUBBLE account for t-shirts and other stuff.
So in addition to Society6 we'll see how things go.

Send me a message if there's something you'd like to see in there and I'll see what I can do

This month's theme at work is Smash Bros so I've been uploading my sketches to tumblr

Wii Fit Trainer
Power suit Samus
Mission Zero Samus
Marth! okay Lucina

Bo-Ness pic

MGS - Destiny by polarityplus
As per request now available as a tshirt…

Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see added to tshirts

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in there:)

Finally getting around to uploading some stuff to society6
Not much at the moment but there will be more on the way.

So be sure to let me know what you want to see up there, and also if you're interested in any of their other products.…

Hey all it's been a while. Work has been pretty relentless with the wrapping up of one show and the start of another. From pony girls to transformers, it's gonna be a bumpy transition, but nothing I can't handle. Still I need to make some time to draw some new stuff:)

As some of you may have read I got derailed a bit by DDF2014 but February out of the way it's back onto commissions with renewed vigor (thank you for your understanding)

1. :iconvincentstrider: complete
4. :iconfseffect: complete
2. :iconcerebus873: complete
3. :iconlordfoot-in-mouth: complete
5. :iconsinnerman07: complete

On a side note I'll post a couple of the DDF series here during this month. One thing I took away from the project was an understanding that I'm still learning but I can learn, Anyways enjoy the next few posts while I get back to work

So there's this thing I kept missing for the last few years and I felt I should get on board this time round.
I've taken on the challenge of drawing something every day for February with my focus being on faces as I'm always feeling I can improve.

You can find my work at SatelliteSoda
Or check out my blog where you'll stumble on the occasional variant gamingdaze
either way enjoy the trip

Don't worry I'm still working through the commissions, just a little slower than expected:)

Closed for now

1. :iconvincentstrider: complete
4. :iconfseffect: starting
2. :iconcerebus873:
3. :iconlordfoot-in-mouth:
5. :iconsinnerman07:

Just a quick heads up,


Work is a little hectic as we are animating the last few episodes of the season.

I've got a few commissions I'm still working on and I will get to them as soon I get through work.


Thank you for your patience



:iconfseffect: Complete
:iconlordfoot-in-mouth: Complete
:iconaidenke: Complete
:iconsinnerman07: Complete
:iconspiritspitfire: Complete
:iconjeynaelgren: Complete

:iconfseffect: Complete

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For those who don't know yet I'm contributing to this

Canter Calendar 2014: Girls Night Out  Update by mldoxy
Hit up :iconmldoxy: for details or check the link…

Hey all, looks like my living situation is pretty much back to normal so I've got some drawing to catch up on. I found myself on a little side project and the future is looking good for some promised kiriban pics (sorry about the wait)

keep an eye out for some updates

So firstly, Kiriban time : DONE:
Free drawing for the 100,000 visitor

looks like there will 4 for this one

Secondly I'm kinda between houses at the moment due to water damage resulting from a fire upstairs of my place. So forgive the late responses and updates though I'll be back in force later

Until then
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you missed the cheesecake:)
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  • Watching: MH podcasts
  • Playing: MH Portable 3rd
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  • Listening to: Hatsune Miku
  • Reading: Game of thrones
  • Watching: MH podcasts
  • Playing: MH Portable 3rd
  • Drinking: Coffee
it pours

Sorry for my lack of communication at the moment. I'm currently swamped with work.
My freelance shall be wrapping up so I'll be freed up soon.
I'll be sure to catch up on my messages then. Maybe some more Monster Hunter work on it's way too

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:iconbtrinidad: met the challenge with his Kiriban.
Asuka going all metal gear on us:D

Metal Gear Asuka by BTrinidad

next it'll be ponies muahahaha

and in other news

"Lock transparency"
Why did no one tell me about this button!?!
Has it always been there?
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